Balancing the Earth by Earth Chakra work

Balancing the Earth by Earth Chakra work

Mother Earth the miracle of life nourishing and sustaining love is a perpetual ship if you will with constant toroidal energy flowing from its poles back into itself as a sphere of life.  Have you ever considered the stark similarities Mother Earth has to our bodies?


Let’s explore them shall we?

1.  We both must have a resonant frequency(7.83hz) which the sun nourishes in order to sustain life.

2.  Both our bodies are over 80 water and piezoelectric antennas.

3.  We have similar magnetic poles.

4.  We are made up of the same minerals.

5.  Rivers and Blood both spin in the same direction.

6.  Bodies and the Earth both have similar psi energies including chakras.

Item number 6 is what I am going to speak about particularly and how we can help heal the damage that non-friendly frequencies, pollutants and other destructive, power-monger and controlling practices against our Mother.

We need to first understand that the earth in this magnetic flux torus energy engine core which it has sends out lay lines of energy.  Many of which are being tapped into for profits presently such as the Cell phone industry.  Its these lay lines that lend guidance to both bees and animals alike as they seek navigation for survival and sustenance.  These energy lay lines renew the earth and bring about change necessary for our survival.   It is important to sense and feel where within the earth’s energy structure there is or was malevolent activity that could have scarred the Mother Earth’s Body and brought about negative cold and otherwise bad energy.

Some signs of sensing you are on or by a ley line if you don’t have access to maps is you will feel your psi abilities increase along with sensitivity.  You will also begin to sense where the lines are based on dousing and other testing methods.  When you find a lay line gift it with Orgonite, this energy will sustain, balance and keep the energy lines flowing.

Earth Chakras

Some of us live near earth chakras.  The chakras we can directly send remote energy boosts to or visit them and gift them.  To keep Mother Earth’s body healthy it is important that we actively maintain her and give her energy nourishment and render the cell phone towers and other destructive corporate grey(man-made) DOR practices useless with energy balance and orgone gifting.

Here is something you can do now.  Take some time to meditate and ground and focus your energies, then visualize seeing with your 3rd eye the chakras of Mother earth, realize that some are badly damaged, send your energy from the higher self to the damaged parts of Mother earth, this can be done by sending love, joy, happiness, peace feelings over to that part of the earth caught in vision by the 3rd eye.

In all your doings seek to banish darkness with love, life, light, peace and other beautiful energies.  You will eventually become so strong that you will own your energies and no other can take them from you or misuse them.  Let us together heal Mother from all the damage brought on by selfish greed and lust for control of humanity, all energies and the universe.


Article Name
Balancing the Earth by Earth Chakra work
The earth is a perfectly balanced body in origin as ours, touching on things as to chakras we are perfectly identical in spiritual enlightenment and progression. We must heal earth.
Orgonite Gifting and Quantum Technology Application

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