Orgonite a Tool of Freedom

Orgonite a Tool of Freedom

The power of Orgonite is rarely understood, it permeates everything and brings good energy, prosperity, and otherwise good frequencies into the holder’s life.  It is important to share this energy with all that they may benefit as you have.  To get an idea of what Orgone energy helps to negate take a look at the list below:

  • Electromagnetic Radiation including EMF
  • Geo-pathetic Stress
  • Transmit radiation of radio towers
  • Earth Magnetic radiation disharmony
  • Earth fault lines
  • Harmonization of Curry & Hartmann Lines, Spirit Lines and the 400 grid crossing
  • Malevolent and Paranormal negative energies
  • Enhancement of Schumann’s Resonance frequency
  • Frequency out of positive energy
  • Underground water veins, sewers and other plumbing otherwise sources of negative energy
  • Microwave beams and fields from electrical appliances such as Mobile Phones, Cell Phones, Phone Towers, Cordless Phones, Hand Phones, iPods & your GSP Navigators
  • Wi-Fi Wireless Internet modem emissions and other wireless emissions
  • Emotional distress imprints from the building or furnishings
  • Death imprints, Spirit Lines and Entity attachments
  • Satellite beams(UHF, SHF, VHF, EHF)
  • HAARP beams(VLF, ULF), Chemtrails and Contrails
  • Noxious radiation from Digital televisions
  • Digital Radiation cell phone screens
  • Artificial heating and cooling in the building being transformed from noxious Positive Ions to harmonious Negative Ions
  • Molds, fungi or rising damp within the home
  • Nervous System damage by negative energies
  • Rapid Heart beat and pulse rate
  • Personal Health
  • Medical Condition
  • Stress

By defeating these conditions you can fulfill the promise in what you were meant to fulfill.  You can simple go and promote the cause of good and positive energy to the world.  Orgone energy can change the world.  Try and see.

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Orgonite Gifting and Quantum Technology Application


  1. Great list!
    Most informative one I came across yet.

  2. I should explain. My struggle with distraction has been going on like forever. For a long time I was not even diagnosed and now im just strarting to find out how I can manage my symptoms. On a good day I just suffer from lack of concentration, but if I havent had enough sleep I can easily start to get severely disorganised and even non responsive. Most of the time I just feel distractable.
    My classemate says im better now compared with last year, but i put that down to more sleep.


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