Programming the Subconscious Mind in order to Program the Conscious Mind

Programming the Subconscious Mind in order to Program the Conscious Mind

I’d like to first of all let the world know that there is enough energy, love, and prosperity for each one of us who dot the planet to be successful and achieve amazing things, even if we have to expand beyond our planet many through these techniques can align in a manner toward solving all of our problems.

Do you ever struggle with accomplishing your goals?

Do you feel at times as you are working toward your goals in life that something negative happens or causes a distraction and then you feel your only option is to accept you will never achieve what you dreamed of achieving?

Have you ever felt that you were not achieving your potential in this universe but were not sure how to get on track?

May I present the follow dilemma that plagues most of mankind?

Let me introduce you to self-cognitive programming and subconscious mind programming which lends to conscious mind programming.   These techniques have been used by all the successful people in history including the banking families that have sought to keep the rest of us down and feeling we can never achieve our potential.  Let me say first of all you are a magnificent being of flesh and blood, you have an eternal nature of light and truth.  You are indeed intended to do great things make no mistake about it.  You probably have heard of the movie the Secret and have heard the law of attraction mentioned.  This will accelerate the law of attraction as described in that movie.

Before you go to sleep or go into a dazed and sleeping state, you must tell yourself of your great potential and successful mindset.  Ie. “I am a strong capable being of flesh and blood within this universe, my mind is amazing, the universe will give my amazing mind all knowledge, wisdom, and solutions necessary to do…” something you state, like make double what you are making this year.  Then the key before you go to bed is to visualize yourself the very thing you stated to your subconscious mind via your conscious mind, feel happiness, love, peace and emotion.  Its important you attach emotion and happiness to the goal.  From there let your mind fall asleep while you are thinking about it over and over and getting very descriptive in your mind of everything associated with that goal.  As you fall asleep you will awaken and find the very next day your mind focused and ready to accomplish the goal you have set for yourself, in fact your subconscious mind already did it and merely passed the logic to the conscious mind.


One there very key here to realize is our subconscious mind is connected via the pineal gland to all things throughout the universe and in higher dimensions, its therefore capable of conferring with shared consciousness of all things.  If you tap into this often you will find you will start to align in life with the goals you choose to succeed at yourself.  Now apply this technique to several different goals at the night before the next day you will achieve them.  Also you can start moving toward freedom and global harmony etc, take on a cause of light and move others in this direction, from the power within you as the great being that you are, and the great things you are intended to accomplish and achieve in this life.

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