Protection against HAARP, NSA, CIA, psychotronics, & opening Pineal Gland

Protection against HAARP, NSA, CIA, psychotronics, & opening Pineal Gland

Many of us are quite sensitive to energies other than what is natural to a living earth and life within a universe. In fact many of use may not be fully away but our mind bodies get bombarded daily with disruptive DOR or dead orgone frequencies. Its a pretty documented fact that any vibrational frequencies not natural to this earth and its natural life sustaining frequencies can cause disruption to circadian rhythms, sugar levels, REM sleep, thought processes as well as mood and several other important healthy body functions.

All exposed to psychotronics?

Most of us who call ourselves sensitives come to the realization one day that its not a “mistake” and we are not otherwise “crazy” with regards to the negative and real effects we can feel within us when exposed to man made frequencies. Did you know for example that both the Soviets and Americans(Spy Agencies) engaged in what the former-Soviets called Psychotronics? This research happened quietly and secretly behind the backs of the American people who had a right to know when the big “Space Race to the Moon” occurred. Psychotronics is really the science that deals with parapsychology. The Soviets and American spy agencies developed weapons if you will to control the minds of diplomats, or cause depression that would otherwise secretly make someone fail in their mission. There is wide-spread speculation that these same tools are being used on Veterans as well as citizens of all countries all over the world. Why? You might ask… This is believed to be tied to population control and also the means to ensure no uprising will occur to overthrow the current banking family cabal.

The charge against a High Treason Criminal Corporate Agenda

These tools not only violate the American Constitution and Common Law, but just about every human right you could conceive. Sadly these tools are a form of control, criminal thuggery and manipulation. I wish to show you how to defeat them especially if you have been diagnosed with panic disorder, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, bi-polar, etc. As these tools if you are sensitive and they have been used against you, you will likely exhibit these symptoms should you do nothing about it. The greedy selfish banking families want to not only eliminate your real value to this beautiful earth, but they want to make money off of you and control you till you don’t exist anymore.

Blocking Psychotronic Mind control

A few doctors have done research to identify and ingredient called EMODIN which is naturally found in Aloe Vera, Chinese Medicines called An Shen Bin Xin Wan, Knotweed and “Fo-Ti as well as in Resveratrol extracts (sadly many holistic companies will filter out EMODIN citing it as a natural laxative, this may be true in large quantities, it certainly is not true for all and especially smaller quantities). Benedryl is also said to help in the interim prior to obtaining emodin if you can’t readily find it.

Detoxing fluoride from the Mind Body and Spirit and freeing the Pineal Gland

You can also detox fluoride which is known to cause calcification around the 3rd eye or pineal gland.  As such it makes the pineal gland a gummed up non-intentioned crystal merely receptive, female and programmable to non-friendly and man-made frequencies or mass mind control efforts.  You can remove fluoride from your mind body and spirit through use of Ayurvedic Tulsi Basil or Holy Basil(we will dedicate a future post to how to open the pineal gland).  Also ashwagandha is said to help open the 3rd eye and lessen the damming effects of unnecessary stress in the body.  Take back your freedom and ability to see, heal and influence with your expanded light.

How Emodin is able to protect the mind from Psychotronics

The wonderful success has been observed through addressing PPI or Pre-pulse Inhibition in the “primitive” mind (the area close to the pineal gland where both ears connect or tunnel into the brain. These very talented Doctors in their studies reasoned that PPIs could either be too high or too low, if one’s PPI is off it tends to make their mind more susceptible negatively to any and all man made frequencies, including controversial HAARP and psychotronics employed today in some effort to control the masses.

The following research may be of benefit to you if you are currently suffering from what you believe to be disrupting mind control activities. Please consult a health professional and feel free to share these studies with them before doing any of this.

Works of Dr. Ray Sehelian:

Also another doctor named Levenson is said to have done a lot of research and has had success with Emodin and his patients as well.

Free your mind and then help others do the same, with a world that has the ability to dream, tap into the subconscious mind to achieve more, you can expect the majority to all feel very satisfied and happy with life as they can then see with their minds and hear with their hearts the words necessary to live in prosperity and peace.

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