The Etheric Powers of the Dragonfly

The Etheric Powers of the Dragonfly

When I first started to create my own orgone energy channeling I had and still have lots of Dragonflies that would come out and hover in place for minutes if not hours, many of them seem very perceptive and psychic to telepathic suggestion.

I’ve had a quite a few experiences, I’ll share some, I have also had others confirm the same with my orgonite when it is placed at their businesses or homes.

Communication with an old soul

I was staying in a rental and the first time I created a cloudbuster within the first week of doing that about 50 dragonflies came into the yard and hovered in minutes and kept flying about the energy.  Also the neighbors mentioned that they had noticed an increase in Dragonflies present in their yard.  I had asked myself what this meant.  I looked up details about this as the ancients recorded, that this was a sign that someone may die or that someone could transcend the illusions of life itself.  I’ll go into more what the etheric powers of the Dragonfly are and what news they have to share later.

One morning I came out to get some fresh air and pull in sun energy from our closest star as well as recharge my sun stone, I had noticed that a red dragonfly was sitting on the porch and not moving I had walked up to him and placed some orgonite down on the floor next to him, he still didn’t fly away.  I came back 10 minutes later and he was still there, finally after about 30 minutes later he had left.  I had similar experiences with ants coming out when I was creating orgonite, there was something about the energy that seemed to bring them along, it was like they wanted to be a part of this sacred energy the energy of life itself, and energy so powerful that it knows no laws, transcends all things including dimensions, all fueled by love, love eternal.

I had come to the conclusion that they were here to teach me and here is what I had learned unique to my experiences with them.

Dragonflies the Sentinels of the Higher Dimensional Portals

Dragonfly totem animals are said to be the gifts of potential, helping open the third eye to see through the illusions of this world.  They seem to have the ability to appear out of nowhere and carry with them a vibrance of beauty, color, energy and life.  The dragonfly brings to perspective that we are vibrational energies, we have a root within the universe and higher dimensions as our energy existence to some degree is governed by higher dimensions we can go to with our astral focus.

Through the illusions toward change and into the world of magic

Should you meditate, focus and channel their energies they can teach you a lot, remember the 3rd eye connects all things, and through this eye can we see that we are all one.  Through this eye we can communicate and begin to live in the real present time as kept by our binary Star.  Dragonflies have helped me do this, you will see them with orgone energy as orgone energy will transmute you into a higher spiritual and emotional plane.

The Spirit Medicine of Dragonflies

When you begin to see Dragonflies around, interacting with and flying around you it generally means change, wisdom and invitation to see past the illusions of this world and even life is there.  You are invited to energy an energy portal into another dimension, allow them to take you there and teach you.  Dragonflies also can bring energies of water, wind and your potential.  Next time you see one with use of orgonite, envision that they come land on your shoulder and if they do, they are there to do more than fly around, they have come to teach you.  Be ready to connect with your higher self’s mind and eye, because you will be surprised what they will share.  If you need orgonite we can give you this amazing energy for a donation.  Thank you for reading.

Article Name
The Etheric Powers of the Dragonfly and Dragonfly Animal Totem Discussed
A very old and wise dragonfly chose to make his last home within the vortex of orgone within my orgonite, I have learned countless psi exercises since from this piece.
Orgonite Gifting and Quantum Technology Application


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